Why you should want to know about Gen Z

Why you should want to know about Gen Z

It may come as no surprise to you that Generation Z is the most internet-dependant generation and is firmly at the vanguard of technology use across all generations.

Gen Z is aged between those born in 1996 to 2015, making them the youngest of the generations. The third annual, international study of Gen Z conducted by The Center for Generational Kinetics and commissioned by WP Engine, reveals the new expectations for the web by Gen Z.

So why should we care?

One of the things that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, is that digital matters.

Many of us began working from home, training from home, practicing school from home – and became incredibly dependant on the internet.

The companies who will succeed in this new world are those who have reimagined activities that were typically done in the physical world as digital experiences. For many consumers, these new digital experiences – from home workouts to order-ahead grocery pick ups, have often prove to be more enjoyable too.

While this is a whole new world for a lot of people, for Gen Z, they’ve been doing this for quite some time now.

“Gen Z are digital pioneers and have charted the path for the rest of the world to go fully digital,” says Country Manager, ANZ for WP Engine Mark Randall.

“In Australia, lockdown has caused a profound change in the way we do everything, from shopping to eating to engaging with friends and family. Gen Z was already comfortable in that new paradigm, so if you meet the digital needs of Gen Z, you now meet the needs of the rest of the world.”

Digital is part of Gen Z’s identity

Many of those who are Gen Z, think very positively towards the advancement of technology. 65% think artificial intelligence will have a positive impact and 75% believe the internet will bring us closer together.

In fact, when asked which value, quality or attribute is most important to your generation, Gen Z rated tech-saviness (22%) almost as highly as freedom (27%).

Quick facts stats about Gen Z traits:

  • 52% of Gen Z can’t go more than 4 hours without Internet access before they become uncomfortable.
  • In 5 years 67% of Gen Z thinks the internet will determine what they will do on a daily basis.
  • 54% of Gen Z is friends with someone they ONLY know online.

Facts on their brand thoughts:

  • 66% of Gen Z goes to the internet for access to entertainment.
  • 82% of Gen Z trusts a company more if the images they use in their ads are of actual customers.
  • 75% of Gen Z is more likely to buy form a company that contributes to social causes.