Google Accidentally Reveals New Pixel Smartphone

We now know a little more about the next Pixel smartphone thanks, once again, to Google’s uncanny ability to leak its own products.

All we’ve been told officially about the Pixel 5a 5G is that it’s still going to happen, but now we know a few extra details about its camera thanks to an online slip-up by Google.

In a recent AI Blog post explaining the technology behind the Pixel range’s latest HDR+ camera update, Google supplied an album of sample images including one which appears to have been taken with the yet-to-be-released “Pixel 5a”.

The picture (above) was quickly taken down, but not before  9to5Google managed to download the photo and take a look at its embedded EXIF data. EXIF data provides additional on-photographic information sorted alongside an image and in this case, we are able to read the camera model name “Google Pixel 5a” along with an f/2.2 lens aperture and an ultra-wide lens specification.

These camera specs suggest a dual-camera setup similar to the current range of Pixel handsets including the current Pixel 4a 5G. Note that the embedded model name, “Pixel 5a”, doesn’t include the 5G designation, suggesting that there may not be separate 5G and non-5G versions of the forthcoming phone.

A new Pixel phone, possibly the Pixel 5a,  is rumored to launch on June 11, although there has been no official statement from Google.